A Journey Back In Time

Tonight, post Christmas in a Muslim country where surprisingly, the streets are decorated with fairy-lit trees for the "Noel Festival", the stores have been deadly calm for December and the skies generously opened on Christmas Eve to sprinkle snow on this excited little Aussie, I sit in my tropically over-heated apartment writing this last blog for 2011.

And of course, it must begin with a big thanks to all of you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts with me this year. What an adventurously rich time 2011 has been, visiting the motherland and seeing so clearly and undoubtedly why I sing and write the music that I do.

I think it’s no surprise that the launching of my EP ‘Season of Plums’, which I had the honour to perform this year on stages, radio programmes and TV shows in Sydney, Istanbul, Beirut and Dubai, and be interviewed about by magazines like Time Out and J Magazine, coincided with this journey to uncover my own heritage. In fact, it sparked a further series of interviews for both academic papers and books about women, ancestry and music (to be published in 2012). It seems audiences universally could feel the power in such an undertaking, a journey back in time, which enables a person to move forward.

For me it has meant an even deeper conviction in my songwriting. I didn’t realise quite how deep the hole into the past would be when I stepped into it. I did it unconsciously and many challenges have arisen. But from the shit grows from the flowers. The music coming through certainly seems to be rich with the power of these memories, experiences and ancestry. I truly hope I can harness this past for the new album I will share with you in 2012. The songs will be recorded here in Istanbul over the next few months.

Until then, I want to wish you all a truly beautiful and happy New Year. May all that you dream of come to fruition in 2012.