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So the day after tomorrow I leave for Istanbul but first heading to Seoul to check out the undergound music scene in a part of town called Hongdae. I'm hoping to jam and even better, perform with some of the local musos. And my mouth is watering at the thought of the local food markets...sundubu (seafood tofu spicy soup), here I come!

Then it's on to Istanbul, 'one day' has finally come...'One day I'm going to head over to that crazy city and soak up the music scene night after night. Ever since I saw that documentary "Crossing the Bridge' by Fatih Akin I've wanted to experience it for myself....'

I'm pretty scared to be honest, leaving my cozy little life here in Sydney. I've no idea what to expect and my nerves have been in overdrive all week preparing to leave. That's how I know Im doing the right thing.