June 2016, Letting Go and Receiving



1am in Sydney, non-stop rain for 2 days, winter streaked grey skies inviting me to cocoon in, read and listen – fill the cup of inspiration. The book I just finished was the ‘Art of Asking’ (or how to stop worrying and let people help) by Amanda Palmer, the singer/songwriter who lives her life as an act of letting go, receiving and sharing her art, her heart. (check her out at amandapalmer.net/theartofasking).


In my own humble way, I have been living a version of her lifestyle. After the Australian Arts Council grant funding came through, I basically found myself with my hands out – accepting and depending on the support of friends and family as I couch surfed my way through writing an album and recording it in Sydney, Cairns and Istanbul (the grant money only covered production expenses). No home to call my own, literally living out of a suitcase and at times, feeling pretty vulnerable. It
was a year and a half of allowing life to take the steering wheel and putting
the breaks on my own stubborn will. Much harder than it sounds, even after
quite a bit of practice, I can’t say I ever got used to receiving without feeling
like a bit of a burden.


Bu apparently the truth of the matter is, when you let someone give you a gift, it releases the bonding hormone oxytocin within them. In other words, the person who is giving gets a feel-good high and feels closer to you as a result. Perhaps that’s why
spiritual leaders like the Dalai Lama often say it is when we give that we are
truly happy.


To all the amazing people who gave me a home, a heart to lean on, family, inspiration, care, feedback, home-cooked meals, support and blessing after blessing, THANK YOU again and again. A thousand thank yous. I am deeply grateful.