Street Music

Hi beautiful friends,

It’s been a while since my last blog. I just wanted you to know that I am still alive and kicking. I hope you’re all fantastic. Here in Istanbul, spring has broken through winter’s stagnant seal; sunny days lined with pastel-blossomed, jade-leafed trees faintly murmur the promise of summer as the turquoise, ancient Mediterranean generously prepares herself for the droves of guests she will receive. Next week I am visiting her in Kas (a little town not too far from Antalya) for a little songwriting inspiration…

An amazing thing happened last month which highlighted just how important street music is to me. As part of a documentary I am going to be in (about foreigners living in Istanbul), the crew asked the band and I to play under Galata Tower. Initially the excitement of a film crew drew a huge crowd but after the cameras hid behind the bushes, and we were left with the raw ingredient of music, people started gathering around us, dancing and cheering. Folks from North Africa, Europe and Turkey were happily entertained by our songs and entertaining us with their booty-shaking dances. I could barely sing from laughing and was reminded that only a combination of the street and music could spontaneously bring these random people together to share such joy. So I will certainly be giving more public street performances this spring/summer, especially here in Beyoglu where it’s such a part of the culture and so many different nationalities are walking by.

The other good news is that the documentary chose one of my songs as the theme song for the show. So in September, it will be played on national Turkish TV once a week for 13 weeks!

Take care until next month. :-)