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As a way of saying thanks to all who sign up, I'm offering a free copy of the exclusive "Season of Plums, Istanbul Edit". This spiced up version of "Season of Plums" has a special story. The song was recorded for Russell Crowe, and was given to him personally on the set of his "The Water Diviner" film, in Istanbul. The instant I gave it to him, he handed it to the DJ on set, who played it over the loudspeakers to the entire cast and crew! What an honour and surreal experience it was to hear my music blaring away on this gorgeous, big-budget film set set. I got to dress up in post WW1 vintage clothes and spend two days working directly with Russell Crowe. I loved every second of the action.

But that wasn't the only gift I got. Russell Crowe had the name of my song painted on a prop that he used in the opening scene of his movie. I didn't even know about it until I went to see the film at the cinema. Can you imagine my surprise when I saw, on the big screen, the words "SEASON OF PLUMS" painted on a hessian sack in the middle of the Gallipoli war field??!! Just as my eyes registered the words I was reading..... "BOOM".... the sack was blown to pieces by gunfire! Of course, I too was blown away, pardon the pun!!!

As a little thankyou gesture from me to Russell Crowe, I have included a tribute to "The Water Diviner" in my own film clip. Check it out if you haven't already, I wonder if you can find it?!? :)

And here's a link to a little slide show video of the film shoot

Free, exclusive song download

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Behiye Nancy Suren was born in Sydney, Australia to Turkish parents Mehmet and Naciye Suren and began her creative career as a poet and writer after completing a BA in English Literature at Sydney University.




Behiye Suren makes deeply soulful folk music with a Turkish twist.

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